Happy 17th Year Anniversary, PCR!
This year 2019 marks the 17th Anniversary of PCR eGroup (now called PCR Worldwide @ FB). Thru the advent of the Internet, the PCR was formed in January 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. What a great ride & adventure we have had!

Watch the videos of our PCR 17th Anniversary Reunion-Jam last January that was held at Valle Verde 1 Clubhouse in Pasig City.

PCR Story (2008-2018)
Want to know more about the PCR history? Then watch these series of PCR presentation starting from its pre-formation in 2000 until year 2018.

PCR Logos & Publicity Materials
Here's the video presentation of the PCR logos & publlicity materials that were created from 2002 through this year 2019..

PCR Tribute to Those Who Passed Away
An ongoing PCR compilation project of fellow musicians who passed away. Photos collected from 2005 through 2019..

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