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1960s-1970s Pinoy Combos-Bands-Groups
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Pinoy Combos/Bands/Musikeros
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Then & Now Photos (October 2013)
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Classic Rockers Review & Memoirs
Remembering the 50s 5 Brown Boys
Wally Gonzalez SOS Legends Rocked LA
Meet Dean Joe JDLC Concert BBops Band
Batucada & Bong Peñera Band Glenmore Band
A Pinoy Drummer Story Antipolo Rock Festival
Imperials Band Dodie Sta Rita's Thoughts The Deltas
Evolution of "Things Band" Roces Studio, QC
Drop Outs Story Gene Generoso Kingsmen
Shindig II 1966 My Combo Story 'Gapo Memories
Lito Zabat Story Theaters 60s 45s-LPs-CDs

Memoriam: Those Who Passed Away
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60s Recollections: Part I Part II

A Pinoy 60s Odyssey
Black Knights
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Mga Gitarista: Part 1 Part 2

Beatles Concert in Pinas: July 4, 1966

PCR Collage of Activities: 2003-2008

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