KINGSMEN (Philippines, early 60s)

The Pinoy rock group “The Silvertones” was founded Brad Nuber, Dein Nuber and Ramon Faustmann in early 1962. By July 1962, Charlie de Oglou (cousin of Ernie Delgado of the Electromaniacs), Jon Achaval and Carlos Faustmann joined the group.

The band had already played at several parties by the time our singer, Bob Dunn joined the band in the summer of 1963. Bob had gotten back from a year in high school in the United States, bringing with him his new 1963 cream colored Stratocaster. It was at that time that the "Silvertones" changed their name to the "Kingsmen".

However, on several occasions the band had changed its name to: “Bob Dunn and the Kingsmen”, and later to the “Royal Kingsmen” in order to differentiate ourselves from the Seattle rock group, The Kingsmen (who recorded that the popular hit Louie, Louie).

Brad and Dein left the group at the end of the summer of 1964.

Jon vivdly remembers; "May 10, 1967 was the day the Kingsmen played their last gig at a party at Joey Marabia's house."

* Charlie De Oglou lives in Sydney, Australia with his family. He retired from Quantas in 1997 but is still part of the work force. He plays in a recreational-band called “The Elderly Brothers”. His lead guitarist is Gonzalo “Gus” del Villar from Manila's “The Young Ones”.
* Jon Achaval lives and works in Manila.
* Ramon Faustmann is in Florida. He is a consulting Architect, Environmental Planner and also works as a Realtor.
* Carlos Faustmann lives in London and is a consulting Electronics Engineer in the Nuclear Medical field.
* Bob Dunn lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is President of The Finley Group, a large multi-million dollar financial and management company.
* Brad Nuber and Dein Nuber live in Vancouver, Canada. They have their own video production company. They play in a recreational-band called “Shadows From The Past”.

Notes - Ramon Faustmann remembers: "We met (Ramon meeting Brad and Dein Nuber) at Cabcaben during the summer of 1961 at one of the Manila Yacht Club camping/regatta. I remember jammin' with both of the Nuber brothers by the fire. You then introduced me to Bob Dunn. Then, later, we played together with the Silvertones, etc. I remember very clearly we recorded “Exodus” ( as well as “Miserlou”, “Hitch Hike” and “Honky Tonk”) around September/October 1963 in the studio. "Exodus" was then played during the Kennedy Assassination Nov. 1963 on DZHP. Sometime in October 1963, we obtained two Beatle albums from friends in England, and we learned the songs in a week, in time to play them at various school fairs and TV appearances. We can claim that we were the first band to play Beatles in the Philippines. They were introduced in the USA in February 1964 at the Ed Sullivan Show. The "Kingsmen" had been playing Beatles for 5 months!"

The background "Exodus" tune was performed & recorded by the Kingsmen.
To hear more of their tunes, please go to the PCR's Sound Files section.

This feature article posted on April 19, 2007

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