PCRSF 2nd Benny Awards Nite-Dinner-Dance

by Mel Orosa - August 8, 2007

This is written as a testimony so that many who were not there to witness may come to know.

It was the eve of July 21 2007 in Fremont California in a place called United States of America. I traveled far to witness this event that was destined to happen.

Was it a bird? . . . NO . . . was it a plane? . . . No. . . . was it a PCR event? YEEEESSS! Many talented people in the field of music and entertainment gathered in one place to show that Rock and Roll and the group called Pinoy Classic Rock is here to stay. There was energy from the bands that played that seemed to wake up the energies hidden within each individual in the audience. Music from the past came to the present and all who were there to witness lost sense of time and place.

Many people volunteered their time, effort, ideas, resources to make this event happen. This was not a thankless duty as everyone recognized the organizers. There were also those who contributed to the success of the event by keeping quiet and praying for the success and their efforts are also recognized. From across vast lands and seas, the energy given for this event was part of the success formula.

The HALO HALO Band started the evening, the PCR-SFO group rocked the night and many other groups like Alex and the Tradewinds, Bits and Pieces, Dropouts, The Robins, The Insight Band, The Spice Divas, and the The Junk Five. Mr. Renato "Babes" Tolentino, who flew in from the Philippines, were among the performers that rocked the house that night!!! Awards were handed out by officials raising the event to higher grounds. The 2nd Benny Awards Night was everything I envisioned it to be, and more. The preparations the PCRSF worked for paid off big time proving the success formula of planning and preparation still works.

One of the results I take note of here is the getting together of the members of the Dropouts. They have not seen each for close to 40 years, yet because of this event, old ties were given a shot of adrenalin. They played music but more than that, they renewed ties that have been there despite geographical separation. I write some of what happened for many more did happen that night but the few accounts above are written so that you may believe that this did happen. There was much more display of talent, comaraderie, friendship and unity . . . . many other things happened that night as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

So now . . . go and spread the word, there will be more events of PCR for them to witness and better still to be involved with. Let them prepare because although they do not know when, where or how, they will be called.

Coach Mel

About the article author:
Mel Orosa is one of the awardee who has received the 2nd Benny Award during that July 21 PCRSF event and he flew in from the Philippines to witness on what he had written above. Mel is also part of the PCR Philippines and he was the chairperson of the 1st PCR Reunion-Jam that held in Hard Rock Cafe in Makati last January 2006.

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