How was the Jan 6 2006 night?
by Mel Orosa

All the preparations for this night started way back. We got volunteers doing this for the love of Music. It was tough to keep focus as it was with most any undertaking – kaya nga "lead us not into temptation" di ba? But things turned out great – we packed the house for over 8 hours like Hard Rock Cafe in Makati has never seen in a hell of a long time and I just could help and sum up the night the way Chuck berry would. Slightly modified of course.

I looked at my watch and it was a quarter to six
Man, we got to move to get all this fixed

I looked at my watch and it was quarter to seven
Seems to me people here were in heaven

I know – I was reelin and a rockin
I was gonna be rockin – yeah till the break of dawn

I looked at my watch and it was a quarter to eight
Schedule was bad, some bands were late

I looked at my watch and it was a quarter to nine
I saw smiles and cheers, people havin a great time

I know – we was reelin and a rockin
was reelin and a rockin – yeah till the break of dawn

I looked at my watch and it a half past ten
People were shoutin for more, again and again

I looked at my watch and it was a past twelve twenty three
People were dancing and jumpin around me

I know – we was reelin and a rockin
was reelin and a rockin – yeah till the break of dawn

I looked at my watch and it was quarter past one
I saw the performers and the people having lots of fun

I looked at my watch and it was close to two
Don't worry people – there'll be a part 2

I know – we was reelin and a rockin
was reelin and a rockin – yeah till the break of dawn

I looked at my watch and it was a two–twenty seven
Got to do this again in 2007

Lots of thing did not turn out right but that does not matter – it's a jam! Its for fun. Its about getting together again . . . getting rocked!

So many people to thank – so many to acknowledge. Salamat sa inyong lahat!

I guess Dr. Conrad G., our Elvis impersonator from Richmond, Virginia sang the word right – "That's all right! That's all right! Anyway you do". However at the end of the nite, we come to realize that we had just started and it aint over till the fat lady sings. No fat lady there that night to sing right? So we are off to head to new heights – 2007!

So who is in? the more the merrier! let's do this. . . . Sabi nga ni Piyaps (Pepe Smith): "Handa na ba kayong lahat – upang (siya'y) tulungan.?"

PCR marked its history at Hard Rock Café
by Ben Yanto

January 8, 2006 - Manila, RP

First of all, I salute the PCR Manila Reunion organizing committee for a job well done in making the Jan. 6 event a total success. Such experienced has truly made the affair very exciting, very captivating and a great one indeed in the Philippine soil! As Jing Warren, one of the Organizing Committee, exclaimed, “I think we're still all recovering from the Euphoria. Grabe! Words can not fully express the feelings we all had. We made Pinoy music history. Everyone is looking forward to the next!”

There were a total of 17 acts who performed during that historic night at the Hard Rock Café in Makati. Why historic? Because it has fulfilled the objectives of the what the event is all about such as celebrating the 4th anniversary of the PCR eGroup & website, reuniting fellow Pinoy classic rockers from metro Manila and to establish communication as well as to maintain ties with Pinoy classic rockers from the Philippines and those from abroad.

This 1st major PCR Reunion-Jam event in the Philippines started around 6pm and ended at 2:30am.

Here are the performers from that nite (not in order of performances):
1) Dr.Conrad Gonzalez (Virginia USA) – doing an Elvis tribute, in full costume
2) Area One – with John Lesaca, Cash Manalang, etc.
3) Halo-Halo Band – with Jun Lopez, Ben Yanto, Ramon Eleazar, Sonny Panis, Dennis Manalo and Johnny Advincula. Played Gimme Some Loving, Vehicle and You Really Got Me (since Johnny has lost his voice, the band cancelled performing Listen to the Music)
4) Daddy Cool Band – with Babes Tolentino, Yosi Tanco, Ben Tesoro & Joseph Lansang. Did great renditions of CSNY, Alabama, etc.
5) Elderly Brothers – with Ben Umali & Leo Domantay and did superb Everly Brothers’ classic hits.
6) B-Bops – with Ichie-Boy Balagtas, Boyet Aquino, Tito Bautista and Ernell Perez.
7) Bedroom Boyz – Jun Lopez, Johnny Advincula, Boy Garcia, Roddy Penalosa, Mon Chunaco, Lito Alejandro, Eric Yago, Archie Vasquez & Sonny Canizares.
8) Ugat-Balahibo – reunification of former bandmates after 3 decades, Jun Lopez, Dennis Manalo, Edgar Manansala, Sonny Panis, Sonny Canizares and later joined in by Jun de Guzman from Australia.
9) Highway 54 – with Babes Tolentino, Milo Ocampo, Ben Tesoro, Benzon Ang, Chito Ilagan & Phillip de Belen.
10) Wally Gonzalez & Friends – with Wally himself, Benjie Mendez, Kat Agarrado, Reujen Lista, Norman Ferrer, Dondi Ledesma, Bobby Alvarez, Junee Centeno and with guests Alex Cruz, Mon Del Rosario, Joey Rodriguez and Dr. Ted.
11) Pepe Smith – performed with Wally’s band. As usual, he made people laughs of his antics & sang some classic hits.
12) MOBB – with Babes Tolentino, Aton Atilano, Gerry Reyes, Doodz Policarpio, Leo Roa, Roland Tecson, Felix Rivera and Dindo Cinco.
13) Moosntrucks – with Toto Ealdama, Danny Subido, Freddie Lozano, Elmer Hostlalero, Oca Asor, Boy Vidal & Emboy Ardona. This band truly made all the people danced to their tunes.
14) Green Gang Boogie Band (GGBB) – with Jing Warren, Atek Jacinto, George Gohu, Ricky Santos, Rony Mayor & Dick Go Alcantara. Did Beach Boys tunes.
15) Behind Closed Doors – Mon Pestano, Pepe Pestano & Cholo Santiago
16) Flintstones – with Malu Fernando, Jun Raymundo, etc. Did superb Latin dance tunes.
17) Bloomfields – with JJ Lozano, Rocky Collado, Louie Poco, Pepe Lozano & Lakan Hila. This young group (mostly teenagers I think) did a great performances of 60s sounds from Beatles to Beach Boys and even did instrumental tunes such as Wipe Out and Little B.

Other performers that didn’t make it &/or didn't performed were: Friends & Company, Authority band, Houserockers, East Force, Dynasouls, Basil Valdez and Leo Valdez. If these performers have showed up, the event should have ended probably around 4:30am.

Other classic rockers who attended were Jun de Guzman (Imperials), Eddie Pastrana (Ambassadors - Guam), Roger Jereza (Remains, 5 Way, Kaskels - Guam), Jesse Jocson (Jaspers), Lito Toribio (Electromaniacs), Ting Bernabe, Ato Quitoriano (BBops/Houserockers), Eli Gardiner (5 Brown Boys), Ding Mercado (New Minstrels), Tony Jalandoni (Downbeats), Tony Santos (Jubilee Four), Rey Manansala (Crystals, Balahibo), Willie Señoran (Chosen Few), Tony Gerlan and lots more.

The GMA7 & UNTV videotaped the event and will be shown on TV in a week or two.

The Jan. 6 event has really made the audience stayed on their seats for the entire night and all those that attended had surely reminisced and enjoyed every acts of the show.

In harmony, the Organizing Committee has summed up this event a totally, rocking success!

PRESS RELEASE December 2005

The much-awaited first major PCR (Pinoy Classic Rockers) Manila Reunion event being planned in the Philippines is now in full swing.

They made the neon lights of major cities in Asia glitter, every major hotels as well as military bases in Southeast Asia and Guam vibrate, the then Dewey Boulevard came to life while most of metro Manila was sleeping, cities like Olongapo and Angeles in Pampanga became known for heavy rock & roll music, dance floors of American and European cruise liners a-rockin' -- the Filipino combos/bands and musicians from the 50s, 60s and 70s (now called classic rockers) will congregate, reminisce and perform yesteryear's music in Manila on January 6, 2006 in celebration of the 4th anniversary of the Pinoy Classic Rock website and the PCR eGroup.

Even way before the doctors and nurses found their fortune in the United States, before the contract workers built most structures in the middle east, Filipino bands and musicians had already been skirting fame, and yes, fortune, too, in every city of the world they came to play.

After more than four decades of absence and separation, the bands and its members lost each other. Some are dead, but most of them are living. For most of the surviving musicians, the beat still goes on.

The desire to reunite classic rockers, whether actively performing or not, all started whenafter Ben Yanto of Indianapolis, Indiana started the PCR eGroup, an internet group, where his fellow Pinoy classic rockers exchanged friendly emails, updating each other about bands, members, music and happenings. Their love for music fanned the flames of friendship and recollection. News about the creation of the website (PCR in short) spread to many parts of the Philippines, United States, Canada, Guam, other parts of Southeast Asia, Australia and even in Europe -- only to find out that everyone was looking for a way on how to get in touch with each other.

Thus, the PCR website is where one can find a collage of former combos, bands and musicians.

In the PCR eGroup, some members are posting their personal slogans such as "Pinoy Classic Rockers", "Rock N Roll Pa Rin" or "Forever A Rocker." They refer rocker as someone who played or who loves rock 'n roll, a music genre. But there are other music genre that are also close to the hearts of PCR members, like soul, rhythm and blues, and even folk & country.

Today, former band members and musicians are in almost all walks of life. PCR members are a cross-section of professions and occupation. They are lawyers, doctors, dentists and engineers. Some are in the computer and information technology industry. Some are garage musicians. Some are even entrepreneurs themselves. Some still take the center stage for performances. Like how they all weathered the martial law years in the Philippines, they are survivors of their personal struggles, adversities and challenges. And like how a classic tune goes, the members of the PCR eGroup can rightfully claims that "we are the champions of the world."

We are cordially inviting fellow Pinoy classic rockers living in the Philippines and abroad, whether still actively playing or not, to join us for this nearing PCR event in Manila. Please contact any one of the PCR Manila organizing committee member listed below.

So, come on over and rock with the PCR & friends on January 6 Friday at Hard Rock Café in Makati City. Door opens at 6pm. There will be a P300.00 door admission per person (2 drinks consumables).

The January 6 PCR Reunion event planning-organizing committee is composed of: Mel Orosa, Butch Sabater, Wally Gonzalez, Jun Lopez, Jing Warren, Atek Jacinto, John Lecasa, Babes Tolentino, Ed Pastrana (US), Peter Teodoro (US) and Ben Yanto (US).

For more information, please email PCR at or fax at 426-5234 in Manila.

The PCR Manila Reunion event is endorsed by the Philippine Department of Tourism.

UNTV Coverage of Jan. 6 PCR Event

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