A Rockin' Successful PCR event celebrating the
6th Anniversary of the PCR eGroup & website!

Bands who performed during the recent PCR Reunion 2008 Philippines
event that was in San Juan, La Union were:
* St. Charles Band (New Jersey, USA)
* Sundowners (USA & Philippines) - band reunion
* Where's Charlie (Iloilo, Philippines)
* Halo-Halo (USA & Philippines)
* Deltas (USA & Philippines) - band reunion
* Chosen Few (USA & Philippines) - band reunion
* Hotdog (Metro Manila, Philippines)
* Electromaniacs & Friends (Metro Manila, Philippines)
* We're Back (California, USA)
* Moonstrucks (Metro Manila, Philippines)
* Aftermath Band (USA & Philippines) - band reunion
* GGBB (Metro Manila, Philippines)
* Cool Blend (Bagiuo, Philippines)
* Kinetic Daze (Metro Manila, Philippines)
* Runaways (USA & Philippines) - band reunion
* Champagne (Philippines)
* After Six Band (Philippines)
* LBM Band

It was truly a 2-day of fun, music and reminiscing.....
Nabuhay ang La Union at nag-ROCK N ROLL PA!!

The Making & Happenings at PCR La Union 2008 event....

ABS-CBN TV-Patrol News... correction - it was our 3rd PCR Reunion in the Philippines (not the 1st)!

Radio Interview

Event Site - Where It Happened

Event Scenes

Event Performers


See you at our next PCR event to be held in Hollywood on July 12-13, 2008.. details to be posted!

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