Pinoy Combos-Bands-Groups of the 60s & 70s
Directory Listing - Part 1

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2 Channels Band (played at the Flame Restaurant and Rino's in 1973-74): Andre Wilson - lead singer & backed by PUP singers, Raffy Amaranto - arranger, Butch Lara - lead guitar, Rico Velez - bass, Mon Alberto - keyboard, Patsy and Robert Villagracia - drums.

45 RPM (‘69-70 based in Okinawa, ‘72-75 Rappongi Area Akasaka, Mogen Japan): On vocals the Tadeo Brothers Luis, Philip now in Hongkong and Boy the youngest; on guitar Vic Bambao On Bass Boy ”Mata” de Jesus; on drums Doe Balagtas. Late ‘75 the group decided to change their repertoire to include horn section namely Popoy (Trombone) of the New Minstrels, Turing (Sax), +Itoy (trumpet, deceased) and finally Jimmy Hernandez, niece of Verling Villapando, joined the group as keyboard/piano player. The group disbanded year 1975, Doe Balagtas became a sessionist drummer with Wally Gonzalez's "Wally on the Road" album.

4 CAST BAND ( 1984 PORTLAND,OREGON): Joe "Santana" (Lead Guitar), Max Javier (Sax/Keyboards), Roy Rosales (Drummer) and Paul Samson (Bass Guitar).

5 Cards (1969-1970): Gene Magbutay – Band leader,lead vocals/guitar, percussion,trumpet,keyboards and sax; Jessie Magbutay – Keyboard , vocals, percussion; Roy Rosales – Drums and Vocals; Pamfilo Completo – Lead Guitar and Vocals; and Pat – Bass and Vocals.

5 Way Band (formed & played in Guam circa 1971-1973 as well as performed in Japan under Geion Productions around 1972): Monte Pladevega - guitar/keyboard, Roger Jereza - drums, Robert Cabaddu - bass guitar, Joe Cunningham - sax/flute & Dave Gough - lead vocalist.

ABET & THE RIVETS: Hubert “Abet” S. Co (drummer), Cesar Puyat (lead guitar), Eddie Santiago & Boying


Acrosonics (the band was based in Metro Manila before moving to Japan): Jessie Ramos-lead guitar, Herson "Boy" Ramos-keyboard, Alex Macatlang-vocals, Rey Pili-bass and Nestor "Tong" Malapitan-drummer (now based in Houston, Texas).

ACID BAND (1970-1972, regular of saturday edition of STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN, ABS CBN channel 2): Ricky frias- percussion and band manager; Tonie Bufete- lead guitar and vocals; Cesar Frias- drums; Willie Boy Pineda later Lito Guanco- keyboards and Tammy Marasigan - bass.

ADLIBS an instrumental band which was started and managed in 1962 by Mr. Pimentel of Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila. The members were: Anthony Caranceja – Lead Guitar; Tito Villamarin - Rhythm Guitar; Boy Pimentel - Rhythm Guitar; Boyie Abola - Bass Guitar; Ago Enrile - Drums (Versatiles); and Edgar Inocentes – Drums (Rampage) The band, although promising and having appeared on the TV show Night Owl, was short-lived. It was disbanded the following year 1963.

Advisors (played funky & soul music at Rhino's Club during the early 70s by Dewey Blvd.): Sammy Magaway-bass trumpet/band leader, Ting Bernabe-vocal (later joined the Bits N Pieces), Henry Esporlas-bass/keyboard, Ernie"Pie" Amisola-lead guitar, Joey Nachor-trumpet/flute/vocal and Bobot Guerrero (formerly with Beatjacks and JDLC)-drummer. Roberto "Roby" Caraveo replaced Ting Bernabe as a vocalist before the band went to Europe then to Scandinavia.

Afterbirth (regular at the Flames nite club): Boy Camara (vocals), Caloy Rufo (lead guitar), Winston Raval (keyboards), Jun Lucas (bass guitar), Nick Boogie (percussions)

AFTERMATH: Bert Tuason, Ben Umali, Art Umali,

Airborne Band: Henry Katindig, Willie Revillame, Boy Capili, Norman (troop), Dani Boogie (percussions), Nancy and Lee Aytona. Dani Boogie is now tending a business in Dagupan City, Pangasinan and if ever there is a gig he's very much available.

Airwaves: Gary Perez, Jun Lopito, Gil Cruz & Joey Smith.

Alamid: JD Santo Tomas, D. Facelo, G. Ignacio

ALLIED CONFEDERATES (formerly FRILONS based in Quezon City): Noli Petelo – lead guitar, Nonoy Rabelas – 2nd lead/rhythm, Ed Calma – bass, Chito Mejia – drums, and Nick Boogie – guest drummer.


Ambassadors (Guam, 1965-1967): Jimmy Solarzon (lead guitar/vocals), Joe "Willie" Yumang (vocals/guitar), Lando Yumang (bass), Ed Pastrana (guitar/vocals), Jeffrey Jereza & Roger Jereza (alternating on drums, both left-handed drummer).

THE AMBASSADORS manila (1968-79): Elmer C. Justalero Bassist Manager, Danny Justalero Keyboards, Bonnie Refumanta Lead (now deceased), Ernie Ocmer Drums (now deceased). then on Oct 10,1968 we went to South Vietnam for six months, upon arrival we played at Showcase Club, Buendia Makati, Bayside Club, Flame, Wells Fargo and Fishers Club Roxas Blvd. Then on April 07, 1971 we went to Japan. From Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyushu, middle of 1973 we disbanded.

Amazons (all girl band): Eva Mendez (lead guitar), Amy Mendez (drums/bass), Bella Bongapat (bass), Cora Cascante (rhythm) and Precy (keyboards).

Ambivalent Crowd: Pol Enriquez, Celeste Legaspi, Cynthia Patag, Gigi Escalante, Mae Cendana, Pinky Marquez and Berg Villapando (vocal/lead guitar)

D' AMULETS - headed by Tony Anacan lead guitarist now based in Hawaii. Danny Pacheco vocalists now based in New York. Lou Cifra 2nd lead and vocalist (deceased). Johnny Castilla bass player now based in Canada. and Boy Tolentino drummer (session musician). The group played regularly in Dance O Rama during the time of Ms Boots Anson and Mr. Pete Roa.

AnakBayan (1971-1977): +Edmond Fortuno (deceased) - drum, +Sonny Tolentino (deceased) - bass guitar, Alex Cruz - saxophone, +Bing Labrador (deceased) - keyboard, +Vic Naldo (deceased) - lead guitar and +Marlon Ilagan on bass (deceased)

Anak Dalita: Gordon Geraldo on lead guitar, Ramon Leoncio on keyboards, Boy Atay on bass, King Lacson on drums and vocals, Boy Ramos on vocals and lastly, Eddie Bacani on vocals. King Lacson now lives in Los Angeles and rides around in his VTwin motorcycle.

Apocalypse Band (1973 - 74): Sammy Climaco (lead), Louie Lopez (bass), Alex Reyes (drums), Gina Montes (vocals-eventually joined Hot Dog), Stel Climaco (vocals), Mon Garcia (vocals) Vic Caingat (trumpet), Rod Hilario (Saxophone /flute), Benjie Bautista (strings), and Benny Yumol (keyboards). Regular at the Wells Fargo, Reno's and Flame Restaurant.

APO/Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society: Danny Javier, Boboy Garovillo, Jim Paredes

Arch-Eagles (formed by Ateneo & La Salle members): Kit Samson (lead guitar), Butch Marco (guitar), Angel Rovira (bass), Jimmy Araneta (vocals) & Boy Pantoja (drums). Later on, Vit Villavicencio became the keyboardist. Jimmy Araneta had an “Eric Burdon” voice so we did a lot of “ANIMALS” music but later replace Cholo Santiago. Butch Marco left, Kit Samsom became the rhythm guitarist and Verg Villapando as the lead guitarist. Others members came aboard such as Billy Cabal and Jake Arellano on bass. The Arch-Eagles later on became Up From Down Under band and then later on changed to Birth Of The Cool.

Asin (folk group): The original members were Mike Pillora, Lolita Carbon & +Cesar "Saro" Banares (deceased). Pendong Aban joined the group later.

Assembly Band: Sammy Climaco (lead), Louie Lopez (bass), Alex Reyes & Manny Salvador (drums), Bobby Domingo, Rory Domingo, Bambi Bonus (replaced by Vernie Varga), Stel Climaco (vocals), Vic Caingat (trumpet / trombone), Ernie Santos (trumpet), Rod Hilario (Saxophone/flute), Benjie Bautista (strings), and Benny Yumol (keyboards). This group was the first band to play at Siete Pecados in 1975 then performed at Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore.

ASTRONAUTS: Omy Clemente - Lead Guitar/Vocals; Manny Sta. Maria - Lead Vocals; Jun Lituco - Falsetto Vocals/Rhythm; Freddie Viray - Bass/Vocals; Danny Jose - Drummer/Vocals; Linda - Female Vocalist. The band had toured Vietnam in 1969 under the agency of Nick De Marco of the USA Promotions. They played all over: Nah TRang, Phan Rang, etc., & was based in Danang.

Atoms band (founded in 1966): The original members were Serafin "Apin" Parayno (vocals/keyboard), Rey Aficial (rythmn guitar), Roddy Penalosa (drummer, lead vocals), Manolo Penalosa (bass, lead vocals), William Penalosa (vocals, lead guitar), Rey Samano (vocals/bass - joined in later, 1968), Sonny Calagian (vocals/keyboard - joined in 1969 as replacement for Apin Parayno who joined the Moonstrucks on the way to Japan as their organist as wel as vocals also). The band was also managed by Mrs. Vitan.

Aunt Irma: Genaro (Gin) Goñi, Renato (Nato) Cornejo and Jaime (Jim) Sarthou. Other members included on guitar "Sonny" Peckson (later to become "Little Rock" of DZRJ), Uly Avante on drums, Sam Sen on bass and Nitto Palacios who later managed Advent Call.

Bad Habits (1967-1969): Jun Roque (lead guitar), Tony Huelves (vocals/rhythm guitar), Sonny Abad (drummer), +Edgar Alconbendas (keyboards, deceased), Bobon Topacio (bass guitar), +Ramon Vecin (vocals, deceased), Jimmy Chi (manager) and Willy Chi (ass't manager).

BAD MACHINE BAND (performed at Rolling Stones 1976 concert at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Battle of the Bands, YMCA of Manila 1975, Rock Explo, Student Canteen... the band became one of the top Filipino band in Okinawa, Japan 1969-1980). Hermie Santos - Lead Guitar/Band Leader, Moneth Savinada - Keyboard/Syntheziser, Nonel Paqiou - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Babes Venus - Second Guitar, Eddie Manaloto - Drums and Drag Gumaru - Lead Vocalist.

BALAHIBO BAND (circa ’71): Rey Manansala (Lead Guitar), Edgar Manansala (Keyboards), Nick Farrales replaced by Tony "Tunyo" Rodriguez (Bass), Manny Salvador (Drums), Danny Boogie (Percussions). Mainstay at Rino’s during the early 70’s and also performed in musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar with Boy Camara and Maya Valdez, Two Gentlemen of Verona with Nonong Pedero and Godspell. Balahibo: Rey Manansala (lead), Cesar Manansala (keyboards), Willie Jacinto, Cesar Cabacugnan & Dani Boogie (percussionist).

Balisawsaw ('70-'73) - formerly "Heirs of Tradition" formed in '68 by Nelson Inductivo (lead) & Say Melgazo (bass). Other members: Chito Portacio (drums); Amante Paa (Keyboards); Bong Reverente (Vocals); Egay Salvador (vocals '69); Jun Advincula (2-lead '69); Lito Guanco (keyboards '73); Vio Awing (drums '73). Notable concerts: '71 UST, w/ Maria Cafra; '72 UST, w/ Juan De la Cruz (Up in Arms), '72 DZRJ-UW Hard Rock w/ Freedom Highway, T.Tinio, Pet. Anthem & Heavy Unknown.

THE BALLISTICS. A 60's instrumental group composed of members residing in Marikina. Regularly played instrumental numbers by the Ventures, Shadows and Eagles at parties. Members were: Emil de la Paz (Drummer), Boy Lazaro (Lead Guitar), Cesar Santos (2nd Lead), Boy "Iya" Santos (Rhythm Guitar), Boyet Antonio (Bass Guitar). The group disbanded in the early 60's to concentrate on their studies. In 1995 (more than 30 years after), they regrouped and formed the EXECUTIVE BAND of Marikina.. The Executive band plays 60's music every Wednesday night at the Marikina Riverboat Bar and Restaurant. Members are: Emil de la Paz (Drummer), Boy Lazaro (Lead Guitar), Bert Cruz (2nd Lead Guitar), Boy "Iya" Santos (Rhythm Guitar), Tony Genoroso (Bass Guitar), Louie Guzman (Keyboard), Sonny Guzman ( Male Lead Singer ), Jojie Apolinaria (Female Singer).

Banda Filipin (formed in 1969): The original members were Pete Gatdula (drums), Ernie Natalio (bass), Art Natalio (lead guitar) and Howlin' Dave (DZRJ) vocals.

The Band of Angels - U.P. Diliman boys whose names like Yebek, Emmet, Alex, Dexter, Danny, Leo Roa. Leo Roa is still plays the drums in metro Manila circuit.

Band of the Universe (1973/1975, Pasay/Davao City): The original members were Ernie Alba (trumpet, keyboard, drums, band leader), Lando Alba (sax, percussion), Elmer Alba (keyboard, bass), Efren Alba (drums), Nestor Vincoy (bass, vocals), Benny Echavia (lead guitar, vocals), Dig Emphasis (lead vocals), Emy Arsenio (lead vocals). Performed in Roxas Blvd. at Pepe's Nite Club w/ Pae Zabat (trombone) and also performed at Tokyo, Japan. Other members were: Peter Cachuela; Jun Ayag; Dodong Agan and Alex Ravina - played in Manila & Yokohama, Japan; Jose Alba Jr. (trombone/bass) now living in Japan.

Bankers: Specialized in Trini Lopez and other folk tunes.

Banyuhay Ni Heber: Heber Bartolome, Levi Bartolome, Jesse Bartolome, Flor (Drums) & Efren Allado (Drums).

Barkada (Fil-Am band from LA area, early 70s): Paul Puzon, Noel Evangelista, Pat, Jaime Geaga (sax), Nollie.

Barons: Bobby Martinez (Drummer), Nig "Nick" Aquino (Bass), Sonny Tavera (Lead guitar), Danny Tavera (Keyboard, Guitar), Lito Yamsuan (Vocals, Guitar), Ding Remias (Vocals) and Chito Martinez (2nd Drummer). Organized in 1960, the band initially played instrumental music to the tunes of the Ventures and the Shadows as most bands at that time. Bobby was in 6th grade at San Juan de Letran (still in shorts) while Nig was a freshman in High School also at San Juan de Letran. The guidance and encouragement of Horacio "Chacho" Martinez (Bobby and Chito's father) and the talents of the Tavera brothers (UST) brought about the formation of The Barons which lasted over 10 years, with all original members. As the music of the first couple years evolved to vocals, the band was joined by Lito (UST) and Ding (UE). Although the Barons played and sung music by Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Beachboys, Spiral Staircase, etc and because of the proliferation of thses songs, the Barons was one of a few bands who pioneered in Motown music such songs by the Temptations and Four Tops as well as rock n Roll songs by the Zombies, Kinks and some psychedelic music which during that time are still new to the Filipino ears. The Barons were not commercially known but instead played in a lot of major private parties, Debut, wedding, barrio fiestas, birthday all over the island of Luzon.

Batucada Band (circa 1973): Bong Peñera - vocals/keyboards, Sonny Nabong - bass guitar, Ding Poblete - drummer, Norma Ramirez. - vocals, Nick Boogie, - percussion (1975), Pete Canzon - flute (1975), Mila Garcia - vocals (1977), Jun Enriquez - guitar (1977), Bobot Barroga - bass guitar (1980)

Batukada Band (circa 1977-1980): Jun "Save Me" Salvame - flute/trumpet, "Papa" Jun Enriquez - guitar, Boy "Yob" Katindig - keyboards, Sonny "Chaba" Nabong - bass, Cesar "Bachu" Yumping - drums, Nick "Egub" Boogie - percussion

BAYANIHAN BAND (back-up band of Carina Afable & occasionally, Norma Ledesma at The Bayanihan Restaurant in L.A. during the mid 80’s): Tony Maligmat (Lead Guitar), Freddie Maranan (Bass), Manny Salvador (Drums - former drummer was Rudy Regalado, a very good drummer & brother of very famous session drummer Jun Regalado), Stel Climaco (Back-up Vocals), Bess Canlas (Back-up Vocals), Toti Fuentes (occasional Keyboard Player; Toti was the keyboard player of Tony Orlando and the Dawn famous for the Tie a Yellow Ribbon song). Toti is now a well known performer & composer and at some point he also played for Sergio Mendes.

BBops: Mike Fernandez & Bing Santos - lead vocals, Boyet Aquino - rhythm guitar & keyboards, Dimpling Ledesma - lead guitar, Jimmy Millan - bass guitar, and Ramon Eleazar - drums/band manager.

Beatjacks (circa'67-'69', played at ZanZibar Club in Olonggapo): Errol Santos (deceased)-rhythm/vocal, Danny Generoso-lead guitar, Rudy Acol-vocal, Jun Guillermo-keyboards, Chris-bass guitar and Bobot Guerrero-drummer


The Beautiful People Band: Manny Sta. Maria - Vocals/Rhythm guitar; Jun Lituco - Vocals (falsetto)/Rhythm; Larry Martinez - keyboards; Freddie Viray - bass/vocals; Mike Sta. Maria - drummer/vocals; Omy Clemente - lead guitar/vocals. The Beautiful People Band toured Okinawa (played all US military bases) and then played all over Japan in 1971. At times, did shows with The De Guzman Sisters. The band also played at local clubs in the Philippines like the famous disco, "Mugen", CopaCabana. They were directly hired by Nakano of Gay Promotions based in Akasaka, Tokyo, were all his bands are based like: Hi-Jacks, Eva Adona & The Espionage, Padilla Sisters, Moonstrucks, Imperials, New Versions, etc.

The Best of Manila: Emil Mijares - keyboards, Menchu Apostol - guitar/vocals (died last year 2001), Colby de la Zalzada - bass, Norman Ferrer - drums, Terry Undag - trumpet/fugelhorn, and Phil Morales - alto sax.

Big Beats: Jose "Peping" Cruz (former Pink & Purple), Tony Victoria, Abe Tanada(Keyboards), Gil Tejedor (bass, former Deltas) and Jess de Jesus (lead). Others were Serafin Alfonso (Hi-Jacks) and Oscar Elepano (tenor sax).

Birth of the Cool: Lito Benavides (band leader/lead guitarist/band manager), Joey Nacuspag (2nd lead guitarist), Sandy (bass), Butch Freiboth (back-up vocals) and other personnel such as Jess Maniquis, Cholo Santiago (now with Spirit of 67), Ed Agdepa (sax), Danny Macasaet, Quito da Silva (percussionist), Von Velasco (drums/percussions), Lito Rivera (bass) & Peping Cruz (formerly with Pink & Purple band, sax) & Vit Villavicencio (keyboards). BIRTH OF THE COOL (1975-1976 the last batch) under Baby Del Rosario, Manager. Members were: Ben De Jesus, Cholo Ramirez, Mila Garcia & Antonette Inigo, vocals, Jojo Monroy, lead guitarist, Billy Cabal, bass guitarist, Paul Paredes and Eric, keyboards, Kits, saxophone and Boy, drums.

Bits & Pieces (circa 1964-1967): Reggie Bueno - lead guitar, Jess Maniquis - rhythm guitar, Howard "Long Tall" Medina - bass guitar, Jay Husfelt - drummer, Danny Vitan - keyboards, Jun Jacinto - lead vocal, Ray Ungson replaced Jess Maniquis when Jess left. The band was managed by Fred Vitan. Jun Raymundo - became the lead guitarist while Reggie Bueno switched to bass guitar when "Long Tall" left the group. Circa '70, other members joined the band replacing those that left: Boyet Pigao - drummer, the Francisco brothers - sax/flute & trombone & Alex Bernardo - vocals.

The Blackbuster: Willy Cruz and Sunny Ilacad (keyboards), Snaffu Rigor (drums), Bob Guzman (lead guitar), Guy Ilacad (bass), Celso Llarina (rhythm guitar), Spanky Rigor (vocals) with three of the most versatile women singers; Aida Firme, Nanette "Dona Buding" Inventor and Charo Unite.

THE BLACKCATS (1965-68) Carlito Uy - Drummer Manager. Members: Elmer C. Justalero on Vocals, Rene Sorongon on Rhythm, Bonnie Refumanta on Lead (now deceased), Nilo Sorongon on Bass, Danilo Justalero on Keyboards. then on May 12 1966 we reorganized with Carlos Romero on Bass, Rudy Fernando on Rhythm (now deceased), Jessie Baladad on Drums.

The Black Knights (1962-67): Dante Gatchalian - lead guitar/keyboards/vocals, Romy Jakosalem – lead/rhythm guitar/vocals, Ric Mirador - rhythm guitar/vocals, Bok Vergara – rhythm/lead guitar/vocals, Noel (Boy) Copiaco - bass guitar/vocals, Tony Layno – Drums, Bogo Cortez – Drums/vocals , Larry Mirador - vocals. Ed Palma – sound man/technician.

Black Opinions: Boy Jongko (lead guitar), Vic Jongko (drummer), Vic Omila (2nd lead guitar/keyboards), Ebot Santos (keyboards), Cesar Hemosa (vocals/percussions) Tony Baon (piano/keyboards) and Carlito "Bong " Valenzuela (bass player/vocals - composed all the Black Opinion recordings at Octoarts, most notably the "Disco Manila" song).

The Blinkers: Salvador "Buddy" Yap - bass, Edgardo "Bee" Morelos - rhythm guitar, Max "Boy" Alcaide - drums, +Edgard "Eddie" Peregrina - vocal/lead guitar/organist (deceased), Oscar Asur - keyboard ('67-'74)

Blue Belts: Regulars at Darigold Jamboree in the late 50’s.

Blue Jeans:

Bobbysoxers: All girl band circa 1961

Body and Soul: Ben "Hawkeye" Evangelista, Bert Rejante, Alex Cruz

Boots & Saddles Band: Lito Rivera (lead gutiar), Freddie Rivera (bass guitar), George Rivera (drummer), Bobby del Carmen (rhythm guitar) and Quinten Gomez (vocals).

Boy Adan & the Grandeurs

Boy Angeles & the Intruders: George Ramos (lead guitar), Jody Evangelista (keyboards)

Boy Palacio & the Polytones: +Boy Palacio (band leader/keyboard), +Ray Saga (bass)

Boyfriends: Bob Guzman, Gary Ariolla, Joey Abando

Boys In The Band (1969-1992) Boying Sinacsi (band leader/sax/flute/vocal), Boy Sinacsi (trumpet/vocals), Danny Rodriguez (trombone), Tito Catalan (keyboard/vocals), Pito Sanga (guitar/Vocal), Ollie Sonsing (bass/Vocal). Joel Rasco (1981-1982) on guitar/vocals, Leo De Luna (1982-1992, guitar/Vocal), Ela Dacanay (singer), Joyce Cruz (singer), Eileen Cruz (singer), Joven Olabre (1969-1972, drummer), Danny Hangmen Negro (1973-1978, drummer/vocal), +Ver (1978-1980, drummer/Vocal - deceased) & Jimi Galvea (1980-1992, drummer/vocal).

Brothers and Cousins (played at Shakey's Bodega 1 and 2 and Hobbit House): The original members were Vic Credo (lead), Ogie Gallegos (2nd lead), Nonette Gallegos (bass), Roy Labatos (keyboard) and Sonny (drums, formerly Jovials). Chito Araneta (rhythm) 2nd generation Mike Go (lead), Ike Catuncan (drums) and Jhun (drums).

BYRD AVENUE (performed at The Manila Hilton’s Music Bar in the early 80’s): Sammy Climaco (Lead Guitar), Tommy Galang (Bass Guitar), Kookie Taylor (Keyboards), Jun "Pabling" Javier (Saxophone & Flute), Manny Salvador (Drums), Stel Climaco (Vocals) and Bola Montoya (Vocals).

Cactus Band (circa 1973-1974): John Lesaca - lead guitar, Mon Vitan - keyboards, Marito Moreno - drums, Jojo de Lara - bass, Debbie Donnelly - lead vocals, Rose Donnelly - leave vocals, Milo Gadi - vocals, Jujie Agudo - vocals, Jun Javier - flute, sax and Romy San Jose - trombone.

Calypso Boys: Regulars at Darigold Jamboree in the late 50’s.

Carolers: Regulars at Darigold Jamboree in the late 50’s.

Carpela Band (1970-1973, performed at THE PLAZA in Makati): Rudy Carpela (leader, guitar, piano, vibes), Edgar Pagalilauan (bass, vocals), Rudy "Boy" Fernandez (drums, vocals), Rito Lanuza (guitar), Cathy Soriano (vocals) and Girly Sanchez (vocals).

Carpela Band (1973-1975, performed at THE HOTEL FIESTA PALACE in Mexico city & then toured all the famous beach resorts in Mexico): Rudy Carpela (leader, guitar, piano, vibes), Edgar Pagalilauan (bass, vocals), Jimmy (drums, vocals), Cesar Gimeno (guitar) and Lenny Lorenzana (vocals).

The Carpetbaggers (2nd generation). Pong Santos, Tong Santos, Louie Villacorta and Boy Amante. Later joined by Noy Villanueva, Ernie Santiago and Mante Flores.

Castaways: Jun Roque (lead guitar), Ben Songco (keyboard), Alvin de Guzman (rhythm guitar), Rene Arellano (bass guitar), Arthur Fajardo (drummer), Danny Jimeno (vocals) and Jimmy Yap (manager).

Celtics (formerly Wonderers): Orginal members were Rey Sanchez (lead guitar), Jojo Yrure - drums, Gener Velasquez - bass, Eleazar Lopez– 2nd rhythm and Gani Barreto – rhythm and 2nd lead. Added later Abe Tanada (keyboards).

Censored Band (played at 9 teeners, Shirley Gorospe Show, Nite Owl Dance Party with Lito Gorospe and The Shirley Gorospe Show, from 1963 thru 1968): Ephraim Parulan (drummer, now residing in Lakewood California managing his own Band The Purple Gem band), Boy Laico (Vocals, still gigging in the Philippines), Alex (rhytmn guitar), Willie (lead guitar) and Mike (bass guitar).

CHAOS BAND (Punk Rock Band): Potit Mangali (deceased) - Lead Vocal, Tommy Tanchanco - Lead Guitar, Manny Pascual - Bass Guitar and Fer Solver - Drums.

Child's Exit (mid-60s): Manny Briones - lead guitar; Jun Coburubias - vocals; Danny Tavike - bass guitar and Dale Garcia - keyboard.

Child of Morning (1971- 73): Sammy Climaco (lead), Jess Garcia (drummer, eventually joined Hot Dog), Chito Limcaoco (Rythmn), Butch Ramiscal (bass), Gina Montes (vocals-eventually joined Hot Dog), Stel Climaco (vocals), Boot Madrid (vocals), Vic Caingat (trumpet), Jun Javier (saxohone) and Benny Yumol (keyboards) Regular at the Wells Fargo, Reno's and Flame Restaurant.

Choice '69 Band (1969-1970): Jun Lucas (keyboards), Ben Valventa (vocals, the Trini Lopez of the Philippines), Pete de Jesus (lead guitar), Jess Dungan (vocals/bass guitar), Noel Valventa (drums) & Cindy Caberte (vocals).

Chosen Few: Managed by Epoy Pangilinan, Cash Manalang - bass/vocals (replaced Willie Señoran in 1970), Sonny Tolentino - rhythm/keyboards/vocals, Dodi Tan - drums/vocals, Boy Camara - lead vocalist, Mon Laqui - lead guitar, Bob Lesaca - lead guitar (took over when Mon Laqui quit the band). Willie Señoran was the original bass player when Cash took over.

Cinderella: Snaffu Rigor-drums, Quito Colayco, Yolly Samson-vocal, Bob Guzman-lead guitar, Guy Ilacad-bass guitar, Chuck Llarina-rhythm guitar & Sunny Ilacad-keyboards.

Circus Band: Gerry Paraiso - piano, Boy Katindig - organ, Rudy Lozano - lead guitar, + Walter Calinawan - drums/percussions (passed away in early 90s), Jerry Gamboa - bass guitar and the singers were; Tillie Moreno, Ceres Jacinto, Jacqui Magno, Pat Castillo, Beth "Baby" Katindig, Henry Tongson, Richard Tan, Basil Valdez, Hajji Alejandro & Pabs Dadivas. Dani Boogie also became the band percussionist. The group was managed by Atek Jacinto.

Clean Fun (1969-1972): They started as Pan de Sal w/ Ritchie Razon (Bob's younger bro) as the original guitarist, Colby de la Calzada on bass, Uly Avante on drums & lead vocals; Ray-an Fuentes (later w/ the New Minstrels) and joined as vocalist in '72 and also, Fred Belling (lead/rhythm). Clean Fun band was a core part of an elite family of bands which included Destiny, Aunt Irma & Mother Earth where talents were shared/shuffled for musical pursuits more than anything else. Circa 1973 members; Gabe Ascalon-guitar, Lito Guanco-keyboards, Colby de la Calzada-guitar, Marty-guitar, Say Melgazo-bass, Uly Avante-drums & Ray-an Fuentes-vocals. Paul Chua also played rhythm guitar with both Clean Fun & Pan De Sal bands and sang lead-backup vocals.

Clockwise band (1976 to 1985): Jimmy Reyes - Lead guitar; Rey Alarcon - Bass guitar; Bernadette Kelly - Keyboards; Wally Alarcon - Drums; and Nora Cruz - Singer.

Clubmen: Teody Y.

Coronets: The original members were Cesar Manalili (lead guitar), Danny Silva (2nd lead), Boy Ordiales (rhythm guitar), B. Vasquez (bass guitar) & Danny Vasquez (drums). The second batch were Tony "Bangaw" Sanchez (lead guitar), Dodie Salinas (2nd lead guitar), Boy Ordiales (rhythm guitar), Bong Bernabe (bass guitar) & Sonny Abad (drums). The third batch were Tristan (lead guitar), Ipe (2nd lead), Rene Michida (rhythm guitar), Dodie Salinas (bass) & Boy Ordiales (drums). Recording era members were Cesar Manalili (lead guitar), Oscar Manalili (2nd lead), Errol 'Diego" Panaligan (rhythm/keyboards), Boy Ordiales (bass) & Noni O. (drums). Famous instrumental recorded songs were "Faithful Love" and "Manang Biday".

Cossacks (a prelude to the Black Knights, 1962): Dante Gatchalian – lead guitar, Rick Mirador – rhythm guitar, Noel “Boy” Copiaco – bass guitar, George “Bogo” Cortez – drums. Mostly Instrumentals.

The Countdowns: Danny (Tata Danny) - vocal, Arthur - vocal/percussions, Boyet - guitar, Nanding - bass guitar, Steve - keyboard, Badong - drums and Tony & Peter - trumpets. The band played at Acme Club in Olongapo City, RP.

Crosswinds: Gual Benipayo – bass guitar/vocals

The Crystals: Edgar Manansala, Rey Manansala, Willie Jacinto (drummer), Cesar Cabacungan (rhythm guitar).

Cycle Spirits - this group was formed during the late 60's and has played at the "Ating Nayon", "Old West", "Flame", went abroad to South Korea, Japan ("Crazy Horse") and Hongkong ("Hongkong Convention Center" & "Ginza Club") & Macau. The members then were:
*Gene Magbutay (bandleader, vocals, guitars, keyboards, flute, trumpet, tenor sax, & percussion). Gene is formerly a member of R.M. Manlapat's "Goldfingers" at "Pines Hotel" in Baguio City, "The Five Hawks" at the "The Garden" in Balibago, Pampanga, & "Just Us" Band at "The Pearl" in Olongapo City, "The Five Cards" at "Old West" & "Flame" in Roxas Boulevard.
*Jess Magbutay (Gene's younger brother. vocal, keyboards & synthesizers, percussion, & drums) Jess is a former member of the "Just Us" at "The Pearl" in Olongapo City, "Sunflower's Children" at the "U & I" in Olongapo City, "Freedom Highway" at the "Frolic" also in Olongapo City, "The Five Hawks" at "The Garden" in Balibago, Pampanga, & "Five Cards" at "Old West" & "Flame" in Roxas Boulevard. At present, Jess is working as a solo vocal-keyboardist in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.
*Phil Completo (lead guitar, vocals) has also worked & played with some other bands in Olongapo City before becoming a member of the "Five Cards" & "Cycle Spirits".
*Rey Torrevillas (bass guitar & vocals) has been with another band working in Vietnam before joining the "Cycle Spirits".
* Sol Hison (Drums) was also with a different band and later join the "Cycle Spirits" in Tokyo.
* Tony Jalandoni (former member of "The Downbeats") join the "Cycle Spirits" in Honkong.
*Clifford Ho (vocal, bass, & keyboards) became bass guitarist of "The Howlers" and later, also join the "Cycle Spirits" in Hongkong.

Cyclones (Jam Session and Dance-O-Rama days - early 60s): Bert Adriano, Bobby Ochangco, Nilo Noche, Johnny Murphy, Tito Arce and Millard Teopaco.

Dakila (US SF-based Pinoy band, circa early 70s): David Bustamante (guitar), Bert Ancheta (guitar), Fred Ancheta (bass guitar), Frank Magtoto (drums), Romeo Bustamante (organ), Carlos Badia (congas), Michael Gopaul (timbales)

Deep Ends Band: Rey del Rosario - keyboard, Nani Silvestre - vocals, Joe Jalandoni - lead guitar, Jojo Domingo - bass guitar, Nikki Aranas - drums/vocals, Cesar Bicol - sax and Conrad Sarreal - trumpet.

Deltas: The original members were +Robert "Bob" McCoy (lead guitar, deceased Dec. 2001), Glenn Velasco (guitar, now living in Las Vegas, NV), Vaughn Velasco (drummer, now living in Las Vegas, NV), and Tonette Fabie (bass, now living in Cavite, RP). Others who became members of the Deltas also were Gene Generoso, Jess Maniquis (guitar), Snaffu Rigor (drummer '64-'66), Jesse Manahan (keyboard '64), +Ramon Vecin (vocals '64-'66, deceased), Poldy Aranzamendez, Danny Bornilla & more. Other bands where GENE GENEROSO was involved with were the CELTICS with REY SANCHEZ, JOJO YRURE, BOY LOPEZ & GENER.

Destiny Band (performed at Abot Langit concert at Tagaytay 1971): Gabe Ascalon - guitar, Colby dela Calzada - guitar, Sam Sen - bass guitar, Richie Quirino - drums, Ed Jose - keyboards, Inch Gaddi - vocals

Devil’s Playground: Psychedelic band cc 1969

DISCONNECTION BAND: Freddie Revilla - vocal/guitar (living in USA); Danny Vito - vocal/lead guitar (former Dynamic Sound) now in Osaka; Ricky Donaire, Drums & Vocal, now in Osaka Oscar de la Cruz - Keyboard/Vocal; Leo Usero Jr. - Bass/Vocal (now in Maryland USA); and Edwin - Piano & Strings.

Diplomats: Boying Oronico - guitar, Kriny Aguirre - keyboard

Downbeats: The original members (who played the 1st act of the Beatles concert in July 4, 1966 at Rizal Memorial Coliseum and played mostly The Rolling Stones tunes) were; Tony Jalandoni - lead guitar, Charlie Mielieb - rhythm guitar, Tonet Fabie - bass guitar, Eddie Reyes- keyboard/drums/vocals (manager) & Joey (Pepe) Smith - drums/vocals. After Charlie Mielieb & Tony Jalandoni left the band, Wally Gonzalez and Mike Hanapol filled-in and together with Eddie Reyes, Pepe & Tony, the Downbeats performed a benefit concert in Guam around September 1968 together with Bobby Gonzales & Vilma Valera. Other latter members were Nides Aranzamendez, Voltaire, Eddie Parinas, etc.

Drastics: Lin Billostas (now living in USA), Gonzalo del Villar (now living in Sydney, Australia), Rene Domingo (now living in USA) and Snaffu Rigor (drummer, still active in music scene in metro Manila). Other members were: Guitars - +Jess Maniquis & George Trinidad, Bass - Millard L. Teopaco, Drums - Bobby Rigor

Drop Outs: Manny Levy (now residing in Minnesota), Ador Romero (keyboards), Ben Picardo (trumpet), Benny Natividad (trombone), David Ardona, Peping Adolfo, Mario Reyes (bass guitarist), Baby Yolanda "Yolanda Reyes", Jessie Lingasin (drummer/sax), Pete Sagge (saxophone),

Drug Cult Band: Members were Ador on lead guitar, Boy Tinocco on vocals (RIP), Eddie (manok) on keyboard, Apeng on bass guitar (RIP) and Mr Grossman on drums (RIP).

Dynamic Sound Band (played at Okinawa early 1975): Dan M. Vito, Lead guitar & Vocal, (living now in Osaka); Gene M. Vito - Keyboards; Rey Carbungco - Percussion; Phillip Cabasa - Drums/Vocal and Alex Atienza - Bass/Vocal

Dynasouls: Rudy Garcia - lead guitar (original Dynasonics now living in Australia), Vic Generoso - vocal/rhythm guitar (original Dynasonics) & Tony Generoso - vocal/bass guitar (original Dynasonics) are still gigging , Walter Pennington - vocal/drummer (original Dynasonics now living in San Diego, California, USA), Rudy Delgado - keyboards, Dan Villarosa - keyboards (now living in UK), Butch Sabater - keyboards (still gigging in metro Manila with the Rockin' Revival). The original Dynasonics was managed by Fred Vitan who was also the band manager of the Bits N Pieces band.

Early Birds: Boy Zabat, Cesar Hermosa, Bert de Leon, Boyan Santos, Francis"Lakay" and Pete de Jesus.

Earthworms (1966): Jess Santos (lead guitar), Ding Dy (rhythm guitar/vocals), Tony Matias (bass), Gigi Santos (drums)

Eddy's Filipinos band: Eddy de Latte, Larry Briones, Mando Manlangit, Rey Naluz, Romy Francisco, Jun Francisco and Gabe Escano (replaced Dan Bornilla on bass).

Electromaniacs (founded in 1960, discovered & managed by Jose Mari Gonzales): Emil Caballero (bass guitar), Ernie Delgado (lead guitar), Chito Perez (2nd lead guitar) & Lito Toribio (drummer). The ELECTROMANIACS was formed by GENE GENEROSO on rhythm guitar and lead singer with JOEY GORDON on bass, ERNIE DELGADO on lead guitar and LITO TORIBIO on drums. The resurgence of retro music brought the Electromaniacs back together in 2009. The three original members (Ernie Delgado, Lito Toribio & Emil Caballero) with added new members such as Lenndy de Jesus on rhythm guitar (& also, the Electromaniacs' band manager) & Rollie Roldan on bass. Guest members are: Boy Camara, Tony Cojuango & Boy Daza.

Electros (formerly Electromaniacs): Ernie Delgado (guitar), Willy "Ewett" Bonifacio (drums), Emil Caballero (bass), Chito Perez (lead guitar), Tony Huelves (2nd lead guitar), Mike Vasquez (percussion/vocals), Arthur Santos Tankia (rhythm), & Abe Tanada (keyboards).

Elites (1962-1965): Art Lugue – Manager; Angelo "Nilo" Noche - lead guitarist now living in Modesto, Cal. and Makati; +Art Lugue - lead guitarist and manager (deceased 2008), Omy Clemente - Lead guitarist living in San Francisco, Ca.; Johnny Murphy - drummer now living in Secaucus, New Jersey; Nelson Lugue - rhythm guitarist (RP); Freddie Lugue - drummer (RP); Jun Martinez - drummer living in Paranaque, RP; +Poyo Chanco - bass (deceased); Jimmy Manzanilla - vocals now living in Queens, New York; and Freddie Viray - bass (RP).


EMPIYERNO rck band was formed in the 70s and the members were: Rolly Roldan (lead guitars, now with Manila Sound Project headed by Rene Garcia), JT Aspiras (bass guitar, now with Zyklone band), tito Ebardoni (on drums, now with Bedroom Boys), Mike Anonuevo (now with Las Vegas-based reggae band) and Rey Flute.

Endless Roots Band (1971): Rey del Rosario - keyboard, Jun Vidal - drummer, Ding Mateo - bass guitar, Noli Serrea - lead guitar & Itoy Red Reyes - vocals.

Erratics (formed at R. Aquino Compound in F. Ortigas St. in Madaluyong, Rizal in the early 60’s and was managed by Nani Fajardo, owner of a Music Store in Manila. The band played in TV shows like The Nineteeners for quite sometime as well as in schools and parties like other bands did): The band members were; Alvin Balagtas III (drummer & vocals), King Balagtas (vocalist), +Vic Naldo (lead guitarist & vocals, his first group before forming ANAKBAYAN, now deceased), Jose "Gotleng" Conwi (bassist & vocals), Tony Alfonso (rhythm guitarist & vocals) and Tito Bautista (lead guitarist after Vic Naldo under the new management of Uncle Joe Shaw).

Espionage: This is a Filipino-Canadian band that gigged heavily in Ontario (Canada) circa 1974. Eddie Pescador – vocals; Emil Pescador – lead guitar, keyboards, vocals; Dante Gatchalian – bass, keyboards, vocals; Casey Alejandro – drums, vocals; Freddie Bronilla – horns, vocals; Ver Bonilla – horns, vocals.




The Extremes - Tony Generoso, Vic Generoso, Walter Pennington, Babes Garcia, Rudy Garcia, Conrad Cristobal, Tony Aragon & Danny Villarosa.


FAMILY SIZE BAND (did a short stint in Kyoto, Japan): Paul Toledo (Band Leader, Vocals & Second Lead - formerly from The Griffins Band and now has a show in RJTV), Nony Cabalfin (Bass Guitar), Tommy Simon (Lead Guitar), Danny Dagdayan (Keyboards - formerly from Wild Gypsies) and Manny Salvador (Drums).

Fastback Mustang 2+2 (1965-1970): Members were Tos Lansang [vocals/guitar], Bobby Lesaca [lead guitar], Ed Aguila [bass], Neci Cojuangco [vocals], Bobby Ochangco [drums], and Benji Saldua [keyboards]. Tos Lansang & Bob Lesaca came from THE LEFTOVERS and became 'leftovers' when Boy Camara left the band to pursue a solo career. Tne band was managed by Paul Reyes and 'Tito Pin' Manacsa.

Firebirds (1966-1967): Peter Vilaga (vocals), Boy "Araw" Anteola (drummer), Roger Pedralvez (lead guitar), Renato "Naning" Geslani (bass guitar) and Benny Yumol (keyboards). Firebirds (1967-1968): Peter and Paul Vilaga (vocals), Boy "Araw" Anteola (drummer), Davy Cruz (lead guitar), Naning Geslani (bass guitar) and Benny Yumol (keyboards).


Flashback Band (1999 to present - Washington, DC): The group plays daily at luncheon/dinner at the Odyssey Cruise. Tony Villarma- lead guitar/vocals; Rey Briones- drums/vocals; Steve Kurtz- keyboards; Leon Reyes- percussions /vocals; and Emily "Houston-Deon" Panlaqui- vocalist.

Flintstones (played at Savoy Hotel): Rene Sogueco-keyboards, Ting Bernabe-vocal, Bobot Guerrero-drummer, Boboy Villegas-bass guitar, Chris (formerly with Falcons)-lead guitar and the horns section were Clod Baria-trombone, Bobby-sax/flute and Bert-trumpet.


FOOTNOTES: Benjie Aquino played bass and lead: Noli Aquino, lead and rhythm, Vic Aquino, Rhythm, bass, and drums;Ayong Verzosa and Pete Aquino on conga drums;. Joe Rosales, drums; Eddie Batongmalaque, lead and rhythm; Sonny Espiritu, rhythm; Spike Juliano, rhythm,vocals, Ruben David, rhythm; Jojo Orduna, drums, Chit Ramirez, lead, vocals; Frankie Ramirez; rhythm, lead ,vocals. Sonny Joaquin and Dado Pascua were the backbone of the folksinging group. Why so many members?? They were basically based in Manila so when some guys could not make it to Baguio,we had some back up. Anybody in the gang could play at least the rhythm. Hindi lang combo ang Footnotes. Barkada din yang. Dodie Singson, Frankie Salinda, Bobots Yandoc, Erp Garcia, Magoo Abellera, Des Bautista, Tottit Peckson, Jeff Pascua, Doods A., all Baguio boys were part of the FOOTNOTES.

FOOTPRINTS BAND (performed at Pauline's Club Olongapo City 1969-1972, then at Motomachi Astro Mechanical Yokohama,White House Akasaka,Plus One Roppongi Tokyo Japan): Cesar M. Sumague (sax), Rudy Lorenzo (guitar), Gil Lemque (bass), Romy Sumague (vocals), Rudy (keyboard), Jun (drummer) and Robert Paulino as the band manager.

Fourth Congregation (part of the Roxas Blvd Manila rock/disco scene during the 70's, produced by Wells Fargo Restaurant Night Club Manager Gerry Surla, the name was derived from the idea that it was the fourth group the club had adopted as one of the four main performers at that time (with God's Ego with Ernie Delgado, Birth of The Cool & New Minstrels): The original members were from Equinox de Abril Band (Glenn Redrico/Bass/Band Leader, Ray-An Fuentes/Vocals, Lyncir Lagunzad/Lead Guitar, Ed Santelices/Keyboard, Tito Evardoni/Drums) and Sons and Daughters of UST (Paul Laud/Arranger/Vocals, Toti Fuentes/Arranger, Tony Herrera/Lead Vocals, Marienne Tan/Lead Vocals, Bert Babol/Lead Vocals, Lisa Mantaring/Lead Vocals(deceased), Jie Lopez Carino/Lead Vocals, Lito Gooco/Vocals, Sony Mangundayao/Vocals, Daisy Angeles Mangundayao/Vocals, Jerry Bayugo/Trumpet, Jovie Villanueva/Trombone, Sonny Fadul/Sax). When Gerry Surla left the club, Glenn Redrico took over the management of the group. Other members that came through the revolving door of the group were Cholo Santiago/Vocals, Nes Jongko/Vocals, Richard Merck/Vocals, Elmo Redrico (deceased)/Vocals, Bonnie Refumanta (deceased)/Lead Guitar, Rey Ama/Sax-Flute, Helen Homeres/Vocals, Cynthia Caberte/Vocals, Bunny Merchader/Vocals, Joy Topacio/Guitar, Boy Trinanes/Drums, Bill Cabal/Bass, Caloy Rufo/Guitar, Bong Concepcion/Guitar, Jun Javier/Sax-Flute, Boyang Fuentes/Keyboards. The group performed in most hotel and clubs in Manila, Singapore and Jakarta. Formed in 1973 and finally disbanded when Glenn Redrico left for the US in 1980.

Foregone Conclusions (1967 - 1971): Chito Ilagan (bass - later with Medium Rare, Total Presence & VST), Jun Lopez (lead - formerly with Rebels & later with Ugat), Danny Favis (keyboards - then with the Medium Rare then became a composer/arranger).

Frantics: Biboy Padilla (lead guitar), Ben Umali (2nd lead), Benjie Alimurong (rhythm guitar), Tony Alimurong (bass guitar), Freddie Tensuan (drummer), Gil Tejedor & Mir ardenas (vocals).

FREEDOM FOUNDATION BAND(1972-1980): Mario Franco -Band Leader,lead vocal,second lead guitarist;
Jim Nabong -Keyboardist,vocal; Cesar Jaring -Drums,vocal; Johnny Pomar -Lead guitarist,vocal; Dante Reyes -Bass,vocal; Tony Senco -Bass.vocal(replaced Dante); Boy Takaw -Bass.vocal(replaced Tony); Romulo(Mulong) Velasquez -Trumpet,vocal; and Sammy Velasquez Sr.-Sax


Frictions Band: Romy (keyboard/bass guitar), Rudy Acol (vocals)

FRILONS (later named ALLIED CONFEDERATES from Quezon City): Noli Petelo – Lead Guitar, Nonoy Rabelas – 2nd lead/Rhythm Guitar, Ed Calma – Bass, Chito Mejia – Drums and Nick Boogie – Guest Drummer.

Frolics: Tony Trias

Four Notes: Tommy Saga

Funk Campaign: Tony Baun - keyboards (former member of Black Opinion), Jojie - vocal, Danny "Mayor" Juaneza - 2nd keyboard/soundman, Elmer Justalero on rhythm guitar, Dong Gica - bass guitar (joined the Technicolors a year later), Horacio "Baby" Jongko - lead guitar (younger brother of Vic Jongko of the Howlers), Francisco "Jun" Vidal - drums. They played around 1974-75 at Harlem Club (Olongapo) & then at Crazy Horse Disco and Brau House (Tokyo, Japan).


G-Rockers: Rey Sanchez, lead guitar cc 1961.

Glenmores band: Lead Guitar - Jun Raymundo, Victor Cruz (deceased during his time with the Versatiles band); Bass Guitar - Nandy Angulo, Freddie Dimalanta; Keyboard - Mike Hanopol; Drummer - Jay Husfelt (now residing Lake Forest, California and playing with Bits N Pieces band), Boy Diaz; Vocals - Boy Camara (Jesus Christ, Superstar fame and living in East Coast), Niki Domingo (now residing in Rancho, California & playing with Bits N Pieces band) and Jun Jacinto (deceased). Managers - Boy Santos, Danny Santos & Orly Santos. Bobby Gabriel replaced Jay Husfelt on drums and now living in North Carolina, USA. According to Nandy Angulo: The original member of the glenmores band in the 60's based in manila as bass player. co-members were mike hanopol (keyboards) of the juan dela cruz band, jun raymundo (lead guitar) manila-based still playing with flintstones band, burnell burns, (deceased, second lead), jun jacinto (deceased, vocals). tony pimentel (drummer) now semi retired in laguna phils. other former members were jay husfelt (drummer) celso singh (lead guitar) tim sevilla (vocals), now based in california and tito pimentel (vocals) now tending business in marikina city phils. manager of the glenmores was boy santos, brothers of oti and danny of the famous glenmore's beatle boots in the 60's. Nandy still active in gigs for the last 4 years as vocalist in different bars and restos around the metro area in manila with my own group, retro classic and copyright bands. among the places played at were dungeon bar of camelot hotel, casino filipino, funnside, salo resto bar, troy bar, casablanca etc and private parties. Nandy just arrived in the US last September 2007 and staying temporarily in North Carolina. He'llbe in LA early december to join former co-members and other band member-friends in the 60's. during the 1970's, Ben De Jesus was the lead vocals (last group under Boy Santos, manager).

God's Ego was formed in 1973, during the heyday of folkrock music in Olongapo City. The members consisted of Ernie Delgado, lead guitarist, composer/arranger of the legendary band, Electromaniacs; Joseph Rey Castro, folksinger, now retired from the San Diego District Attorney's Office and residing in San Diego, CA; Noel Nessia, folksinger, residing in New Zealand; Danny Dagani, folksinger (replaced Noel), and a member of the Third Wind band with cousin Joe Lansang (singer/composer of the hit song "Binibini").


Grandells I: chito Sibayan (guitar/vocals)

Grandells II: Chito Sibayan (lead vocalist/rhythm guitar), Dong Gica (bass guitar/vocals), Roger Cantor (keyboards/vocals), Edwin Bunales (lead guitar/vocals), Horacio 'Baby' Jongko (2nd lead guitar/vocals) and Dodie Sta. Rita (drums/vocals).

Grandmothers' Band: Ely Billiones (drums), Jojo Monroy (lead guitar), Gil Cruz (bass guitar), Boy Santos (keyboards) & Bonnie Marchadesch (lead vocals/percussions).



Hallucinogenic Citrus Juice (alter ego of the Black Knights, 1967-69): Romy Jakosalem (guitar, vocals), Vokh Vergara (guitar, vocals), Noel Copiaco (bass, vocals), Dante Gatchalian (keyboards, horns, vocals), Tony Layno (drums). Later member: Tony Gatchalian (keyboards).

The Hazards (circa '64-'66): +Teddy Kalaw (drums, deceased since late 60s), Bingo Estrada (lead guitar, now residing at Lucban, Quezon), Eddie Villanueva (Rhythm), Willie Señoran (bass); Boy Cuneta (lead vocals) and Abet Calero (vocals).

Heavy Traffic: +Jun Atad (frontman & ex-member of famous rock band 70s Horoscope band), Tutay Maranan (Lead Guitarist), Steve Maranan (Bass) , Gerry Rejuso (keyboards, ex-member of Horoscope), Amee Maranan (Drums) and Nestor (2nd lead guitarist & Vocal).

Hero Worship (80s Band): Bobet Santos, Rody Santos, Mars Villamin (drums) & Tommy.

Hidden Populace (1974 -75): Sammy Climaco (lead), Louie Lopez (bass), Alex Reyes (drums), Leo Valdez, Jessie Benedicto, Bambi Bonus, Stel Climaco (vocals), Vic Caingat (trumpet), Rod Hilario (Saxophone / fluter), Benjie Bautista (strings), and Benny Yumol (keyboards). Aliw Awardee for Most Promising Group Performer (1975) and Best Group Performer awarded by the National Press Club.

Hi-Fi Band: Ben Teroso - lead guitar, Leo Ibarra - keyboard

The Hi-Jacks: The original members were Dado Amores (drummer), Tito Sanchez (lead guitar), Rudy Jereza (bass), Nonoy Bayot (vocals) and +Nonoy Jereza (passed away in early 90s). Other members were (Eddie Dizon (drummer), Ben Tesoro (lead guitar/vocals), Jesse Manahan (keyboard) +Eddie Nicolas (vocals, deceased), Bert Buencamino (bass), Jimmy Briones (bass). The early Hi-Jacks was the back-up band of Eddie Mesa. In 1971, the Hi-Jacks was about to disband so the manager Nonoy Jeresa decided to play music and formed a group of musicians from other bands like Larry Briones (lead, Zombies-Moonstrucks), Eddie Nicholas (vocals, Moonstrucks), Dave Burdios (keyboards), Jun de Guzman (bass, Imperials), Dado Amores (drums, Hi-Jacks), Nonoy Jereza (rhythm/manager, Hi-Jacks) and a horn section led by a person named Luis. That started the Hi-Jacks of the 70's up to the present.

Horoscope (famous rock band from Olongapo City): The original members were Jun Atad-lead vocal, Cesar Romero-lead guitar (+deceased 1985), Lito Marcos-drums/band leader, Rody Santos-keyboard and Rolly Bianson-bass (1970-1975). Other members were Oca Mutera-drums (+deceased 1987) & Gerry Gibson Rejuso-keyboard (1976-1985).

HOTDOG (1974-1975) Original band members under Baby Del Rosario - manager were: Ben De Jesus & Ella Del Rosario as lead vocals, Rene Garcia on vocal/lead guitarist, Ramon "Mon" Torralbaas as 2nd lead guitarist. Tito Del Rosario on rhythm, Dennis Garcia on bass, Lorrie Ilustre on keyboards with Jess Garcia & Roy Rivera as drummers. The band actually had 2 drummers performing at the same time then. Other later members were Ella del Rosario (vocals), Rene Enriques, Jacqui Magno (vocals), Andy Caberte (keyboards). Rene Garcia remained the original member of the HotDog band until now. The original drummer was Jess Garcia, who is currently the advertising manager of Philippine Air Lines.

Hot Jalts: Instrumental rockers cc 1962.

HOTRODS (Manila, mid-60s): Rey "Boy" Briones - drummer/vocals; Cesar Cruz - lead rhythm guitar; Andy Villareal - lead rhythm guitar; Jimmy Bernal - bass guitar; Eddie Santiago - keyboard/bass guitar.

HOT-RODS (San Pablo City, Laguna): Lead guitarits were Rino Latina, Coller Bicomong & Dodie Sta. Rita; Rhytmn Guitar - Rody Bicomong; Bass Guitar - Eufronio 'Ronnie' Manimtim and the Drummers were Gil Federizo, Restie Pulutan & Dodie Sta. Rita.

Hourglass: Joey Puyat, Johnny Alegre III

Houserockers (formerly BBops): Mike Obaob & Carlito Catral (lead vocals/percussions), Dimpling Ledesma (lead guitar), Sonny Panis (keyboards), Ato Quitoriano (bass guitar) and Ramon Eleazar (drums & manager).

The Howlers: Andre Wilson - vocal, Bobby Siliona (original member) - lead guitar, Vic Villavicencio - keyboards & Benjie Sodario - drums. Tony Aguilar became the lead vocalist when Andre Wilson left. The band main repertoire were the Tower Of Power tunes.

The Hotstuffs (The Associations of the Philippines) Managed by E. Tablante

THE HUNCHBACKS hailed (from Malabon, Rizal then): Alex Bernardo - Lead Vocal (he later became the lead vocalist of the Bits & Pieces Band); Boy Soriano - Drums; Mar Marcos - Bass Guitar; Tikboy Cristobal - Lead Guitar; Jonathan - Keyboards; and Eddie Cruz - Manager.

Hydraulic Bananas: Boy Elegino-vocals, Benjie Hermosura-lead guitar, Nestor Malapitan-drums, Milo Santos-keyboard and Bong Roa-bass. Elsie Ponce de Leon and Joseph Ponce de Leon later as vocalists.

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