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UP IN ARMS (1972)
Side A: 1. Justice (Where are you), 2. Stranger in a Strange land, 3. Mystery Roach
Side B: 4. Requiem for a head, 5. Lady in White satin, 6. Love of a Woman
Musicians: Wally Gonzales – Lead gtr/vocals, Clifford Ho – Bass/vocals, Rene Sogueco – Piano/organ/vocals,
Romy Santos – Alto & Baritone Sax/Flute/clarinet, Bobot Guerrero – Drums
(Notes: Sandy Tagarro was the original drummer that recorded the 1st JDLC LP album. He left the band just before the album was released)

"Up In Arms" LP album write-up by Oskar Salazar, Billboard Correspondent:
"The Juan dela Cruz Band is one of the few less commercialized electricbands in the Philippines, a South East Asia archipelago which claims to have more western-oriented musicians per square mile than any country in the world. The impact of the group in the local hard and mellow rock scene is tremendous considering it was organized only two years ago. In December of 1970, the band was featured in the first open field Rock festival in the Philippines, the “Antipolo Rock Festival”. The bands popularity gained terrific momentum in September of 1971 when it reaped a singular honor in backing up the “Jesus Christ, Superstar” Rock opera production at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Then in December of the same year, the band garnered it’s crowning glory when again, for the first time in the Philippines, a rock group on it’s own, backed by a full Symphony Orchestra (the National Philharmonic) was presented in concert at the prestigious CCP. No other group in the Philippines gained so much greater heights of success in relativity a very short span of time. This album debut is a monumental testimony. It is the first venture of it’s kind in this part of the musical globe. The big difference there is in it is……..The Juan dela Cruz Band now reaches out for a wider international audience."

Side A: 1. Take you home, 2. I wanna say yeah, 3. Round & Round, 4. Blues Train
Side B: 5. Rak en Rol sa Ulan, 6. Shake your Brains, 7. Mamasyal sa Pilipinas, 8. Big Boss man, 9. Himig Natin
Musicians: Wally Gonzales – Guitars, Mike Hanopol – Bass/Piano, Joseph Smith – Drums/acoustic gtrs

MASKARA (1974)
Side A: 1. Maskara, 2. Pinoy Blues, 3. Nadapa sa Arina, 4. Nakatagong Mata, 5. Beep Beep, 6. We love you
Side B: 7. Pagod sa pahinga, 8. Rak en Rol sa Mundo, 9. Balong Malalim, 10. Palengke, 11. Naglalakbay, 12. Last Song
Muscians: Wally Gonzales – Guitars, Mike Hanopol – bass guitar/piano, Joseph Smith – Drums/acoustic guitars

SUPER SESSIONS – Live at the UP Theatre (1975)
Side A: 1. Sarap ng Buhay, 2. Kagatan, 3. Langit
Side B: 4. Great Pinoy Antiquities, 5. Himig natin
Musicians: Nides Aranzamendez – Session Drummer, Wally Gonzales – Guitar, Mike Hanopol – Bass

GREATEST HITS LIVE (Live Concert in Cebu)
Side A: Kagatan, Balong Malalim, Beep Beep, Palengke, Rock and Roll sa Ulan.
Side B: Langit, Mamasyal sa Pilipinas, Sarap ng Buhay, Himig Natin

HIMIG NATIN (Joey Smith)
MASKARA (Mike Hanopol - Wally Gonzales - Joey Smith)
BEEP-BEEP (Mike Hanopol - Wally Gonzales - Joey Smith)
BALONG MALALIM (Mike Hanopol - Wally Gonzales - Joey Smith)
ROCK & ROLL SA ULAN (Mike Hanopol - Joey Smith)
KAGATAN (Mike Hanopol - Wally Gonzales)
ROCK & ROLL SA MUNDO (Mike Hanopol - Wally Gonzales - Joey Smith)
BLUES TRAIN (Joey Smith)
MAMASYAL SA PILIPINAS (Mike Hanopol - Joey Smith)
Performed by Mike Hanopol, Joey "Pepe" Smith and Wally Gonzales.

Side A:Kahit Anong Mangyari, No Touch, Panahon, Titsers Enemi #1, Magkombo, Lampas.
Side B: Divisoria, Project, Ensayo, Inday, Todo mona.
Musicians: Mike Hanopol – Guitars/vocals/Piano, Wally Gonzales – Guitars, Joey Smith – Drums/vocals, Nick Boogie – Drums,
Lorie Ilustre – Piano, Homer Flores – Piano, Chito Ilagan – Bass, Danny Bornilla – Bass, Edmund Fortuno - Drums

Re-released of JDLC Band 1980 album

Thanks to Riki Castillo (Las Pinas, Philippines) for providing vital information about the JDLC LP albums & photos.
Our deepest gratitude also goes to the following who provided the JDLC album photos:
The Rock Of Manila (Kahit Anong Mangyari), Lester Padriga (Maskara) & Leo Muynila (Supper Session).

Mabuhay ang Juan De La Cruz Band!
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