PCR Tribute to Jun Montemayor

We have lost a very good friend, a great musician, but the fond memories and the times we all shared with Jun will be everlasting in our hearts. Jun is the consumate musician, very professional, humble, caring person. He can be seen smiling several times while doing his Santana licks. We will miss you, Jun.
(Willie Senoran - Northern California)

In a way...be happy for Jun 'cause he's now in peace with other PCR members who are now with him up there beside our good Lord.
(Dan Villarosa - London, England)

Although I'm sad of his passing away, I know that he is in a much better place than us... He is with our Lord Jesus Christ, together with his brother, Dr. PB Montemayor, also a dear friend. To Jun M., EBM - I will really miss you, my friend... To Janet and family, my sincere condolences. ...
(Sonny and Joy Panis - San Juan, La Union, Phil.)

I am honored to have met him through PCR, and with the few communication that we had, both in the group and direct, I found him to be a very amiable person. May his soul rest in Peace with our Lord! May the open arms of our creator take him to be in His kingdom.
(Jojo Maniquis - Toronto, Canada)

Jun M. Will forever live in our minds - let's be thankful to our Lord that he has been released from suffering through the pain of the disease....
(Emil Panis - Las Vegas, Nevada)

My 1st bad news for this new year 2008. I have known, Jun M..way back 1966 or 1967, while playing in the band named: Wild D Beasts, with 2 of my utols. I admire & kind of idolize him for his humbleness, and his very fine lead guitar playing.
(Poldy Aranzamendez - Las Vegas, Nevada)

He was a great musician and an-all around great guy--he will be surely missed.
(Manny Tagalog - Northern California)

Jun is a very humble and intellectual human being. He always got that smile in his face in any peculiar situation. I got struck by his distinctive way of playing the guitar as we were rockin and rollin with a lot of Beatles songs, in particular, "Mr. Moonlight". He loves that song so much, he called me "Mr Moonlight" from there on and I called him "Mr Wonderful Tonight". There's a lot of memories of him during the Vegas Reunion/Jamming in 2004. I have learned a lot of lessons from him, and I will always treasure them.
(Niki Domingo - Southern California)

It is shocking news indeed. . The very brief time we shared jokes together at Shangri-La reunion, it was his gentle demeanor that struck me most. . Reserved and amiable human being. He was the first one who fine tuned my new Strato. I will forever remember Jun Montemayor every time I pick up my Stratocaster. Our friendship will forever be imprinted on that guitar.
(Ed Pastrana - Southern California)

I will surely miss Jun M. ...a true gentleman. Met Jun M. In Nov of 2004 when he watched our band gig in Makati. We were together in our school homecoming in Dec of 2004 since we were both jubilarians , though from different batches. From then on we would often exchange emails. When he would visit Manila he'd make it a point to see the Manila PCR folks (Sonny, me, Jing,Babes, Atek etc..). In the last PCR event in Streetscape we played together in the HALO HALO band. Such a wonderful fellow. I know he's with our creator now. Rest my dear good friend...
(Jun Lopez - Metro Manila, Phil.)

Deepest sympathy over the loss of our good friend Jun Montemayor. May Our good Lord lead him home.
(Dennis Manalo - Northern California)

There are no words to express the grief I feel in your loss. May you feel comforted in the love of your friends and family who are near and dear to your heart during this time. God Bless.
(Agnes and Dan Torres - Northern California)

My deepest condolences. May you all have the strenght to face this loss. We will surely miss this man.
(Mel Orosa - Metro Manila, Phil.)

Unbelievable - a good musician and a great friend. We will miss you, Jun Nontemayor. God be with You.
(Jun Caberte - Southern California)

My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Jun. He will always be fondly remembered.
(Jing Warren - Metro Manila, Phil.)

My deep condolences and prayers to the Montemayor family. May his soul find peace in God's embrace.
(Noel Copiaco - Lansing, Michigan)

Our Music Brother "Jun Montemayor" donated Our PCR 2008 La Union Raffle, a Gibson Guitar. Let's all include him and his family in our prayers. May Our Music Brother Rest in Peace.
(Nelson Guiab - Northern California)

(Jess Dungan - Las Vegas, Nevada)

I've known Jun M since 1963 or 1964 when he was still a member of the Wild "D" Beast w/ Ben Marasigan. Jun Montemayor was a good friend of mine. The last time I spoke with him was last year when he just came back from PCR-Manila. He was gonna play with the Halo-Halo Band that played in San Francisco 2007 but he told me, Jun I think, I'll pass this time. I knew there was something wrong with him. Until now I'm still in shock since I heard the sad news. It really hurts when you lose a real friend. To the family of Jun M, please accept my deepest sympathy. May his soul rest in peace. To Jun M, I will surely miss you. Thanks for everything. Good-bye my friend,
(Jun Roque - Vancouver, BC Canada)

To Jeanette and family.....our profound condolence for your loss. may you find respite in knowing that there are those of us in this group that think very highly of Jun and his gentle demeanor. he will be sorely missed by each one of us......
(Noy Villanueva and family - Vancouver, BC Canada)

To J. Montemayor family...... . Please accept our deepest sympathy and condolence. May the Almighty Bless his soul.
(Jess Jocson & family - Japan)

Spending a day or two with him during our PCR Reunion-Jam in Manila last Jan. 2007 was truly something special cuz that's the time when I have known him better.... reminiscing the good, old days as well as talking about life. He's a humble, kind, observing person and I have lots of respect for him. He'll be also much remembered now cuz he donated the Gibson SG guitar that will be the grand prize for our nearing PCR Reunion at La Union raffle drawing. Hence, I was looking forward to see him again at San Juan, LU but he didn't make it. But I sincerely know, he's now at peace and with good company with the ONE above. Tito Jun M (as I can kinda call him teasingly whenever we emailed one another), you're one of a kind and I truly miss you. In Sympathy.
(Ben Yanto - Indianapolis, Indiana)

Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Please accept Our Deepest sympathy, Our Wonderful God's Loving arms will embrace and comfort you all in moments like these.. Just trust Him... God Bless All..
(Jimi Galvea & family - Hongkong)

I'm shocked! This is so sudden! I never expected Jun M to pass away so soon! I'll miss his gentle, quiet ways! Many members (including yours truly) of the PCR eGroup seems to have lost their loved ones, especially recently! Jun M will definitely be in my and my family's ardent prayers, especially at Mass. On the other hand, I'm extremely happy for Jun M, as he's finally freed from all his earthly sufferings. Most importantly, our brother Jun M is in the presence of God and seeing Him "face-to-face" for all eternity, as well as all the angels and the saints and reunited with all of his loved ones who have preceded him in this life. May God be eternally praised,
(Manny Tuazon - Northern California)

With our Deep Sympathy and Condolences to Jun Montemayor's Family......
(Nides & Lu Aranzamendez - New Jersey, USA)

My deepest condolence to the Montemayor Family for the untimely demise of Jun. I happened to meet him is PCR Shangrila last year and it was sad that he is now in the arms of our Creator. May God give him eternal peace.
(Butch Sabater - Cavite, Philippines)

[Last email of Jun M. to the PCR eGroup]

From: EBM
Date: 8/5/2007 2:18:35 PM
To: Ben Yanto
Subject: My heart felt "Thank You"

Dear Ben,

I know I have not been very good at reading my emails as well as writing them but this email needs to written for you and the PCR as a whole.

Last week, I received a plaque from Lin Billostas and Spanky Rigor from the PCRSF committee from which I am being recognized for my contribution to the Filipino Music Rock.

You and I know that there are more people who are more deserving of this award than me and I am truly humbled to receive such an award. I am truly grateful to receive such an award - not because I deserve it but because it came from the hearts of many people who are unselfish and not self-serving.

To the PCR committee, I will treasure this award as a remembrance of your hard work and dedication to bring Filipinos together, not only as musicians but as "Filipinos with a purpose".

Thank you again and hopefully I may join all of you as soon as I'm able. Thank you for all your prayers and your best wishes. Trust me, it has helped me cope with my own trials.

Pls take care...God bless all of you...

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