PCRLA Summer Shindig
July 11-13, 2008
Southern California, USA

Shindig Reunited Pinoy Classic Rockers in LA!

It took more than 6 months to plan for the recent successful Pinoy Classic Rock Los Angeles (PCRLA) Summer 2008 Shindig being spearheaded by the PCR Hollywood organizing committee under Ed Pastrana’s coordination and the hard work in putting such extravaganza was well worth it, it is priceless!

The PCRLA 2008 event officially started on July 11 at Kosta’s Restaurant in West Covina, California. Few bands practiced at that restaurant around 3pm and then later on, it became the conglomeration of fellowship of the Pinoy classic rockers and friends coming mostly from other parts of California and Las Vegas, Nevada as well as some coming as far as Canada, Indiana, New York and New Jersey. Jamming lasted until 1:00am.

Knotts Berry Hotel Resort Hotel, located at Buena Park, was the PCRLA main event where the PCR Summer 2008 Shindig’s dinner-dance-concert took place on July 12 Saturday and which by the way were attended by over 400 people, mostly baby-boomers. A total of 8 bands had performed splendidly, covering classic tunes from 50s up to 80s. The bands were Hala Bira Hollywood band, PCR Band with the hard-working Nides Aranzamendez on drums, Basang Sisiw band from Las Vegas including the legendary drummer Vaughn Velasco, Insight Band from SF Bay Area, Robins, Bits N Pieces, We Are Back band from Northern California and the Unknown Band from SF Bay Area. That night featured Lito Toribio, a legendary drummer, of the Electromaniacs and Toto Ealdama, a classic vocalist, of the Moonstrucks as well as Sonny Panis (former Sundowners and the coordinator of last January PCR event at La Union) who flew in from the Philippines to perform at the PCRLA 2008 event. A great rendition of the Electromaniacs’ signature tunes (such as Lovers Guitar, Picador & I Miss You So) was performed by EJ, son of the legendary guitarist Ernie Delgado, and many in the audience were awed to listen once again to such classic tunes that they haven’t seen played live and immediately reminisced their younger days back in the Philippines. Also one of the highlights of that night was the PCRLA 2008 Awards presentation. More importantly, this is the first time a PCR event were broadcasted live over the internet, seen and witnessed by many Pinoy classic rockers and friends worldwide. The food was great, the live music was stupendous and such night could be an affair to remember for years to come for many who attended.

The following day July 13 Sunday, the place were at Simons Banquet Center in San Pedro, California where the scheduled PCR Jamming took place. A whole lechon together with some hors d’oeuvres were served. Most of the performers from the previous night were also at present and many had jammed until 7pm including Toto Ealdama, Lito Toribio, We Are Back Band, Pure Led band, Hector Ocampo and some musicians from Fresno area. It was a relaxed atmosphere, to wind down, talking to friends and associates while watching the huge cruise ship sailing through while PCRers & friends were jamming, it was a unique sight. It was grooving on the Sunday afternoon indeed.

The 3-day PCRLA Summer 2008 Shindig affair was a huge rocking success not only it brought in the Pinoy classic rockers and friends together in one place even for once in a while, some of whom haven’t seen one another for decades, but also brought out the Bayanihan spirit and their comradeship for the love of music. It was worth a trip, especially for those who came a long way just to attend or to be in the company of PCR. "See you at the next PCR event at Manila this coming January 9 and my deepest gratitudes to all the performers and those who attended our PCR event.", exclaimed Ed Pastrana who was the overall coordinator of the PCRLA Summer 2008 Shindig event.


To watch videos of the recent PCRLA Summer 2008 Shindig, surf Nides Multiply site